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Voluntary Professional Registration

The Canadian Horticulture Therapy Association offers a voluntary professional registration process to members in good standing of the CHTA. Two designations are available: Horticultural Therapy Technician (HTT) and Horticultural Therapist Registered (HTR).

Voluntary registration is an active way of establishing credibility among other professions and promoting HT as a therapeutic discipline that is evidence-based and universally adaptable.

In brief, a CHTA member who is interested in voluntary professional registration first reviews the general information on the Sample Registration Form and Guidelines, he or she then requests a numbered Professional Registration Package from the CHTA office at, for which there is a fee of $25.00. The third step is the filing of the completed application package, for which there is a fee of $150.00.

The process of application involves a significant amount of time to secure and prepare supporting documentation. If voluntary professional registration in horticultural therapy is an option you are considering, it is wise to start building a file of pertinent college and university transcripts; statements of completion and curriculum summaries for certificates in horticultural therapy, horticulture, or related areas; and relevant employment and volunteer records.

If you wish to file an application, please ensure that you submit your package using the revised and updated 2012 professional registration application form and its companion guidelines, available to CHTA members.

The CHTA Registration Committee reviews applications during the spring and fall of each year. To be considered for a review in the spring, your application package must be received at the CHTA office on or before February 28.  To be considered for review in the fall, your application must be submitted on or before August 31.

Clarification of CHTA policy:

With respect to recognition of continuing education programs in HT or TH that may be cited in a voluntary professional registration application, the CHTA has recently reviewed its existing policies. The following policy, effective January 24, 2012, has been adopted with respect to recognition of education programs offered outside Canada:

  • A horticulture or horticultural therapy certificate program completed at an institution or agency outside Canada will only be considered for recognition when the certificate is offered as a post-baccalaureate program by a recognized university or college.
  • Workshops and other presentations on horticultural therapy and related areas offered outside Canada will not be recognized with the exception of attendance at an annual conference of the American Horticultural Therapy Association.

The Board of Directors of the CHTA has made this decision based on the difficulty of assessing curricula and instructional standards for educational programs such as certificates or workshops that are offered outside Canada.

Further information about recognition of degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs, and the supporting documentation required, is available to members of the CHTA via a copy of the CHTA's Professional Registration Guidelines (see above). Please contact Tara at if you are a CHTA member seeking assistance.