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Garden activity signs

Garden Activity Signs invite your garden visitors to delight their senses and do simple hands-on activities. Many people need permission, encouragement and instruction to independently engage with nature during the many hours when there isn’t a guided program taking place. Based on more than 20 years of leading therapeutic garden programs in healthcare and social service settings, Shelagh Smith, HTR, MAEEC, designed these signs to offer delightfully simple, accessible activities that enhance the restorative and enabling benefits of therapeutic gardens.

Ann Kent HTM - Horticultural Therapy Professional Development Program

Ann is a registered Master Level Horticultural Therapist who practices in Vancouver, BC. Her focus is on development of horticultural therapy programs and healing and habitat gardens for private clients and long term care facilities. In 2006, Ann created a gerontology-based professional studies program in HT for Kwantlen University. She is now the principal instructor for the HT Professional Development Program which provides HT Certificate training and TH workshops in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

Providence Farm - A Therapeutic Community

For co-founders Jack Hutton and Sister Frieda Raab, Providence Farm was an answer to a growing lack of resources for people with social, physical and mental needs. For the members of Providence Farm, this beautiful 400 acres of land offers much more. Located at the base of Mount Tzouhalem in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island, Providence Farm has healed and changed the lives of many through the power of working and caring for the soil. Offering one of Canada's few horticultural therapy programmes, the farm operates as a community caring and nurturing the land together, and as a result each individual is in turn healed.

Cheney Creamer, President - One Green Square Wellness Consulting

Cheney Creamer (B.A., HeartMath® Certified Coach, V.F.T.C., O.M.G.) specializes in designing and delivering customized organizational wellness solutions and providing transformational personal development coaching. Weaving HT methods into all of her work since 2011, her personal mission is to inspire people to de-stress, experience more inner ease, and discover new and unique ways of reconnecting with self, others, and nature. Connect with Cheney or visit their website to explore opportunities for yourself and/or your team today.

Shamrock Farm and Horticultural Therapy

ASNL's Transitions Program helps adults with ASD gain pre-employment skills. Participants engage in onsite/offsite gardening, landscaping and farming. Using Horticultural Therapy practices allows participants to learn a variety of transferable skills. Creating a work environment that utilizes the calming effects of green material helps participants relax; sensory needs are satisfied; group work is effective. A green workspace allows the Transitions Program to teach communicative and social skills, both of which can be significantly impacted by ASD.