CHTA Insurance


Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association

CHTA Insurance Program


Commencing May 1, 2011, individuals who are members of the CHTA and who carry appropriate qualifications for the practice of horticultural therapy become eligible to apply for Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance with a special program offered through Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. in Markham, Ontario.

While you may wish to inquire about general and professional liability insurance for horticultural therapists with an agency in your own community, Holman Insurance has indicated that they are willing to serve CHTA members all across Canada. Coverage is available not only to those already practicing HT but also to HT students and HT interns. For more information, please see:

This comprehensive and competitively priced program provides coverage for horticultural therapists who work independently and who are therefore not covered as a an employee of an institution.

It is the responsibility of the individual CHTA member to ensure that his or her qualifications satisfy the requirements of the policy application. Scope of practice may vary significantly. If, for example, you are a horticultural therapy instructor or routinely supervise HT interns and other healthcare students, there may be a higher premium for your policy. HT students and interns and those who work with children can also anticipate a surcharge.