Find a skilled Horticultural Therapist

HT Name Address specialization
103 Bellwoods Ave. Horticultural Therapy Programmer, Certified Horticulturalist, Master Gardener Graduate, Nature/Forest Therapy Lead
27 Fleming Drive
Corporate, Seniors, Garden Design
Vancouver, BC Residential Care Settings, Training in horticulture and nature-based therapy and wellness
Vancouver, BC Therapeutic horticulture from 1-101, specializing in aging-in-place support, indoor & outdoor programming for seniors, children & youth-at-risk, therapeutic gardening & design, and public speaking.
8760 Timberwood Trail
RR 2
Grand Bend, ON
N0M 1T0
Education, Horticulture, Special Education with Children.
5455 Marine Drive
Mental Health First Aid Instruction, Stress Management, Self-Care Coaching.
Brandford Children, deaf/blind, blind, visually impaired.