CHTA Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association

En fran├žais! In response to requests for documents to be in French as well as English, the CHTA is pleased to announce that its Code of Ethics document is now available in French. This is an important step forward for the CHTA. As a national association we endeavour to support both official languages and hope that this translated document proves helpful.


A member's prime responsibility is to the client served:

• To provide a safe and appropriate environment
• To provide an appropriate intervention dependent upon assessment
• To provide an intervention which is monitored and measured


Policy, procedure, goals, objectives, assessments, interventions and outcomes shall be documented in accordance with employer policies. Client information shall be confidential and shall not be used for unethical purposes or personal advantage.


The member shall provide no misrepresentation regarding information relating to the practice of horticultural therapy.


The member shall refrain from endorsing any product or service related to the practice of horticultural therapy without having made an objective assessment of those goods or services.

Professional Competence

A member shall demonstrate the highest possible level of professional skill gained through education and experience in horticultural therapy by demonstrating integrity, reliability, sound clinical judgment and professional decorum.

A member shall be professionally responsible for services rendered by the member or by other personnel including students who are under his or her direct supervision.

A member shall be aware that client welfare depends on the capacity of all professional personnel to integrate their efforts.

The member shall demonstrate the spirit of cooperation with other professionals in planning and providing for client welfare.

The member shall only work within his or her area of professional competency. Members shall make other professionals and personnel aware of the role of horticultural therapy.

The horticultural therapist shall be responsible to the profession and to the employer.