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CHTA Board of Directors

The CHTA is managed by volunteer board members who live and work in various communities across Canada.

Please note that board members endeavour to reply in a timely manner to inquiries that relate to membership in the CHTA, postings for the HT Job Board, submissions to the CHTA newsletter, CHTA education guidelines, and the voluntary professional registration process.

Due to the many inquiries received via this website, board members are unable to respond to general questions such as those relating to horticulture, gardening, starting a small business, funding therapeutic programs, finding employment, or researching for student assignments.

The CHTA's quarterly newsletter, available to members, provides information about TH and HT programs in various parts of Canada as well as useful resources for program planning and therapeutic activities.

Please explore the information and many links provided on the CHTA website and consider becoming a member of the CHTA.

Board Members and Committee Coordinators, 2017 - 2018:

Chair - Christina Klein -
First Vice Chair - Lindsay Jennings -
Treasurer - Liane Ross -
Member-at-Large - Julie Krahule -
Member-at-Large - Judi Vinni -
Member-at-Large - Miriam Goldberger -
Member at Large - Maureen Marley -
Professional Registration Coordinator - Ryan Frisbee -
Education Coordinator - Norman Goodyear -
Editorial Coordinator - Sean Chubbuck -
Newsletter Editor - Allan Dennis -
Regional Branches Coordinator - Judi Vinni -
2018 Conference Coordinator - Judi Vinni -
Promotions Officer - Lindsay Jennings -

CHTA Membership Information

Administrator - Tara Batho -
Website Contact -

If, after careful review of the various information pages on this website, you still have an inquiry about Registration, please send an email clearly stating your question to and a CHTA volunteer will endeavour to assist you within 2 business days.