Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association

Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association

Accreditation of Therapeutic Horticulture and

Horticultural Therapy Education Programs


Important announcement and update:

At its June 24, 2014, meeting, the CHTA board voted unanimously to withdraw the CHTA’s voluntary accreditation process for courses and workshops, offered by continuing education service providers, effective immediately.

The voluntary accreditation program for TH and HT education programs originally took effect on February 1, 2010. An approved accreditation was valid for a two-year period. The board suspended the accreditation process in October, 2013, pending a review of the CHTA’s accreditation policies and guidelines.

The CHTA will continue to honour certificates from education service providers for continuing education courses and workshops that were accredited by the CHTA between 2010 and 2012. These certificates can still be used if a CHTA member applies for Voluntary Professional Registration with the CHTA.

Where to locate information about content for courses in TH and HT:

The CHTA provides both its members and the general public with access to a comprehensive guide, the CHTA HT Core Skills and Knowledge document, which summarizes the topics recommended for curricula for courses and workshops that focus on TH and HT.

This document was recently revised. Please make a careful review of its content when considering a course or workshop in TH or HT. Check to see if it addresses a topic or subject listed, with coverage appropriate to the duration of the course or workshop.

Education service providers are also encouraged to become familiar with the CHTA HT Core Skills and Knowledge document, to ensure that the content for a TH or HT education program focuses on subjects listed.

Further information about education programs and service providers that are members of the CHTA can be found in the Education section.

CHTA members can obtain the Guidelines to Voluntary Professional Registration, which provides specific details about the documentation requirements for education programs. Voluntary Professional Registration is a CHTA member benefit. A copy of the registration guidelines is available to CHTA members from the CHTA's administrative assistant, Sheryl Hanula, at