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Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association (CHTA)

The Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association's mission is to promote the use and awareness of horticulture as a therapeutic modality. The CHTA provides information, support, and resources to its members via a quarterly newsletter, this website, a membership directory, and an annual conference.

The CHTA provides a voluntary professional registration process for its members and a voluntary accreditation process for individuals and institutions offering education programs in therapeutic horticulture and horticultural therapy.

Incorporated in 1987, the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association is a network of over 175 members across Canada and abroad. Members include registered horticultural therapists and professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, recreation therapists, social workers, nurses, psychologists, landscape architects, and horticulturists; and home gardeners who have a keen interest in the connection between people and plants.

Members of the CHTA work in a variety of settings: nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centres; vocational training centres, substance abuse programs, and correctional facilities; adult day care centres, therapeutic farming communities, school and community gardens.

One of the key advantages of being a member is the opportunity to connect with others who work in the same or related fields.

P.O. Box 74628, 2768 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
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Registered Post Office (P.O. Box) should be removed from the address line by Members sending any courier documents or professional registration packages.


Flower arrangements using summer garden flowers

Photo by Ann Kent


"It's no secret that growing things soothe the mind, that wild things uplift the soul, that rocks and hills and trees do something undefinable but positive for the human spirit."
Thomas Kinkade, America's most collected living artist